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Graduation Ceremony 2023: More than 4,300 new UEH graduates officially entering the labor market

Graduation Ceremony 2023: More than 4,300 new UEH graduates officially entering the labor market

From March 21 to March 25, 2023, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) solemnly held the Graduation Ceremony for 4,372 new full-time, 2nd-degree, transfer, and part-time graduates. In particular, this is also the generation of students who matured during the Covid-19 pandemic, persevered and made great efforts to overcome many difficulties to successfully complete the university journey and become active citizens with a global mindset and are now ready to enter the labor market.


4 years of college - a journey of pursuing knowledge, growing into the best versions of yourself and starting to dream big. Compared to other generations of students, this year's 4,372 UEH new graduates have even more special marks when this is the generation of students who have gone through the learning process during the years of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic. With determination and efforts to overcome difficulties, the students quickly adapted to online learning, conquered the fear of the pandemic, and did not let their learning fall behind. With the companionship and support of the University, so far, the students have achieved excellent academic results, officially becoming the new graduates of the dynamic University of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City with a global mindset.


Therefore, the Graduation Ceremony 2023 was an opportunity for UEH to recognize the efforts and achievements of students in all aspects of learning, scientific research, and training activities during the study period at school. This was also a milestone marking their maturity: ending their university studies to officially enter the labor market with many dreams, ambitions and aspirations for the future.


Witnessing a great moment on the intellectual path of the new graduates, the Graduation Ceremony 2023 of UEH was honored to have the participation of: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the University Council; Prof. Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - President of the University; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Chairwoman of the Policy and Strategy Advisory Council; Dr. Dinh Cong Khai - Vice President; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao - Vice President; Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors; Heads and Deputy Heads of units under UEH and member colleges. Along with that was the presence of the new graduates' parents, relatives, and friends.


Overview of the graduation ceremony 2023


Delivering a congratulatory speech to the new graduates, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong - Chairman of the University Council shared: "Graduating from a school with a long tradition which is one of the high-quality training addresses in economics, management, business, and law; is expanding in the field of technology and design; is recognized by society and learners; has a high reputation in the regional and international markets, students have the right to be proud of the journey they have gone through and can be completely confident about the achievements they have gained, the knowledge they have been equipped with. Based on the knowledge that has been learned, I desire the new graduate to apply it to enterprises and management agencies to contribute to improving and innovating business activities, improving management efficiency in enterprises and socio-economic management, making quality contributions to the process of development and international economic integration of our country." He also encouraged New Graduates to be able to start their own businesses based on their own ability or with friends. Currently, the whole country, provinces, and cities have many start-up support programs, loan programs, start-up consulting, incubators, or even at UEH, there are start-up incubators... New graduates can study to participate in these programs. Besides, he also expressed his gratitude to the parents for accompanying and supporting their children in life and learning to achieve today’s achievements and for having trusted in choosing UEH as a place to cultivate knowledge for the future development of their children.


Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong - Chairman of the University Council delivered a congratulatory speech to the new graduates


Among the 4372 new UEH graduates in 2023, there are 3978 (including full-time, transfer, and second-degree modes), and 394 part-time graduates. Among the 3978 full-time students who graduated: 43 graduated with distinction, 1994 graduated with excellence, 1602 good graduates. UEH graduates meet the requirements of computer skills such as IC3 certificate and minimum English proficiency TOEIC 500 or higher, depending on their majors. Particularly for high-quality programs, UEH graduates are all involved in scientific research and business visits… This is also the first year new majors have graduated, such as Risk Analysis and Insurance Valuation (under the Department of Economic Mathematics). This is one of the proofs of the University's efforts and UEH students’ readiness for international integration, contributing to the country's economic development.


In addition, regarding the part-time mode in this graduation ceremony, UEH awarded degrees to 394 new graduates in the fields of Accounting, International Business, Economics, Law, Marketing, English Language, Business Administration Banking and Finance, in which, 3 graduated with distinction, 63 graduated with excellence, 283 good graduates. The school recognized the persistent and great efforts of the students in their learning process. The school believes these students have the right to be proud of the knowledge they have learned to apply to the actual work they are in charge or from here, they can follow the learning path with higher education levels.


Graduation Ceremony for New Graduates


Sharing feelings about the time at the university, new graduate Pham Thi Thuy Kieu, valedictorian in International Business said: “Nearly 4 years of youth working at UEH - a period that is not too long but enough for each of us as a student to become more mature, know where we stand, what we want and whether our choices are right or wrong. We have experienced many emotions at UEH; tried to study seriously, constantly conquered difficult economic subjects; and fought together to overcome the most difficult learning period during the Covid-19 pandemic. To do these things, thank you for the companionship and support from the school, our lecturers, family, and friends for us.”


“We will try to contribute our capacity to the country's development, will constantly learn and improve ourselves to serve the community's common interests. And wherever we go, we will carry with us the fire of youth full of enthusiasm, like our youth spent at UEH” - New graduate Vo Thi Nhat Vi, valedictorian of UEH Commerce Business shared.


New graduate Pham Thi Thuy Kieu, the valedictorian in International Business, shared her feelings


Over 47 years of establishment and development, UEH has become a leading prestigious university in Vietnam with proud achievements in training, research, community connection, operation, and administration, ranked high in prestigious world university rankings such as Top 1 best universities in Vietnam (U-Multirank 2022); Top 401+ Best Universities in Asia (QS Asia Ranking 2023); Top 1000 best business schools in the world (Eduniversal Ranking 2014); Top 7 universities in Vietnam (Webometrics Ranking 2023)... All of UEH's strong efforts are aimed at best equipping students to enter the highly competitive labor market confidently.


4,372 New graduates from UEH this year will officially enter the labor market, becoming high-quality human resources capable of integrating into the international working environment. Also, from that moment, they could proudly join the team of more than 250,000 alumni, at all levels and modes of UEH, continue the generations, join together, and contribute to the country's development.


Additional pictures regarding the Graduation Ceremony:


1. Graduation ceremony of formal full-time, a 2nd-degree, and transfer modes from March 21-24, 2023:


2. Graduation Ceremony on March 25, 2023:

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