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Professor Nguyen Dong Phong

Chairman of UEH University Council

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    SEAUS 2023 International Scientific Conference: Urban design solutions in Southeast Asia towards solving the problem of global warming

    It is the climate change that reflects long-term changes in temperature and weather phenomena. These changes are natural; nevertheless, human impact, since the 1800s, has been a major driver of climate change; one of the "irreversible" problems of the past centuries is global warming. With the desire to join hands to solve this problem, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City...

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    [Podcast] Highly-Qualified Human Resources towards Sustainable Development in the Southeast Region (Part 2): Orientation towards Developing Highly-Qualified Human Resources

    Human resources are considered one of the most important resources of the country, playing the decisive role in terms of the growth and the development of the economy. In order to develop the Southeast Region in accordance with the planning of Resolution 24/NQ-TW, human resources, especially high-quality human resources associated with the competitive advantages connected to one region, need to be carried out in accordance with the plan. From the analysis of the current situation in the first period of the article, the authors have proposed some orientations for the development of highly-qualified human resources to meet the requirements of sustainable development for the Southeast Region in the second period.

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    Pedaling Towards the Future - UEH for Sustainable Development

    In anticipation of World Bicycle Day on June 3, 2023, the "Cycling - ISB Cycling Club" of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH-ISB) successfully organized "Pedaling Towards the Future." The occasion witnessed a remarkable turnout of distinguished ISB managers, esteemed lecturers, and dedicated staff members, all joining the celebration of the importance of cycling and sustainable development.

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