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As part of our aspirations towards globalization and commitment to international dialogues, UEH welcomes visiting scholars worldwide with similar interests to participate in further studies and research appropriate to our teaching and research scope. We commit to enhancing and elevating knowledge acquicision, breeding young talents in the age of globalization and integration while pioneering in innovation and public services:

The Visiting Personnel program aims to extend specified courtesy titles and privileges to scholars of distinction who visit UEH in order to engage in research and scholarship, and in general scholarly and cultural interaction with our faculty and students. This is to acquaint students at home at UEH with international academic content and methods, with the purpose of forging exchange opportunities and points of contact for future cooperation activities while strengthening ongoing partnerships.

Visiting personnel, lecturers and researchers included, are considered guests of the University who may visit for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable). By participating in the ongoing works at the University, visiting lecturers will be entitled to benefits dependent on UEH existing internal employee policies as they contribute to departmental teaching or research, which then grants them significant reputation in their respective field while gaining equivalent standing to an official lecturer at UEH.
Our University is always looking for the next quality contributing member to our community. Check out our vacancies below where applications are received and considered on a rolling basis. For more questions or specific requests, reach out to UEH HR Department!