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  1. UK Vietnam Higher Education Partnership Initiative

With emphasis on these 4 key areas, the 12 UK–VN HEP projects have diversified their approaches in delivery from capacity building activities for leaders, researchers, academic and practitioners in professional areas, knowledge transfers in teaching and inspiring students in entrepreneurship education, new ways of research through the “creative lanterns” approach, to building models and tools to measure the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of GUI (Government – University – Industry) partnerships, etc.

Between 2018 and 2020, the UK–VN HEP has supported 12 partnership projects with the participation of 17 UK higher education institutions (HEIs), 40 Vietnamese HEIs and 13 organisations and businesses from both nations collectively, forming the UK–Vietnam Higher Education Network.
UK and Vietnamese higher education institutions, participating in these UK-VN HEP Projects, are expected to share their learnings and outcome of their own projects to wider institutions in the higher education system in Vietnam. Through the HEP, UK also have greater access to the higher education market in Vietnam, being valued as world leader and preferred HE and research partner which ultimately aim to boost research, innovation and academic opportunities for the UK university sector and enable them to build competitive and sustainable long-term partnership with Vietnam.
  1. Eramus

The aim of this project is to enhance international capacity of higher education through improving the quality of university teaching, and the efficiency of training students towards internationalization, to establish and develop lasting cooperation among HEI and private sector, to influence the way universities work and enable them to learn from the entrepreneurial nature of companies, develop and use case studies based on the experience of companies – enhance their teaching and learning methods and gain an understanding of the needs of enterprises and improve the curricula accordingly. The idea is to move towards becoming Entrepreneurial Universities.

  1. Other International Projects
No. Project Name Duration Donor Department
1 Environment for Development (EfD) 2017 - 2021 Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency (Sida) Economy & Environment Partnership for Southern Asia (EEPSEA)
2 Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education 2017 - 2021 Erasmus+ School of Banking
3 Environmental Economics Partnership for Greener, Cleaner, and Inclusive Development in Southest Asia 2018 - 2022 Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency (Sida) Economy & Environment Partnership for Southern Asia (EEPSEA)
4 Strengthening Provincial Capacity Program (SPC) 2019 - 2024 USAID School of Government
5 Raising legal awareness and strengthening coordination among state agencies, organizations and communities in classification, storage, transfer and collection of municipal solid waste 2021 - 2022 European Union School of Law
6 Fostering the positive linkages between trade and sustainable development 2021 - 2023 Trade4SD School of Economics
7 Food loss in the Pangasius Catfish Value Chain of the Mekong River Basin 2022 - 2025 Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Health and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (HAPRI)
  1. Local Research Projects

Check out the following past and ongoing research projects at UEH done on a local level.