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Vietnam Study Program


Within the last few years, Vietnam has rapidly grown into one of the most dynamic emerging countries in Southeast Asia with great potential for attracting remarkable foreign investments. 

As you join the Vietnam Study Program at UEH, not only would you be able to learn more about a rising star in the SEA region, you'll also have the chance to really recognize the differences between Vietnam's culture and that of your country, and truly appreciate the vast yet subtle differences.

UEH Vietnam Study Program welcomes students from both Bachelor's and Master's Levels to join us in a culturally-immersive experience right here at our University. Whether you are looking to learn more about Vietnam's history, culture, international economics relations, agriculture or the Vietnamese language, the program has been designed to tailor to your specific academic and personal needs. Through this short-term exchange opportunity, we hope to help you evaluate the growing importance of Vietnam to the future of our world as well as allowing you greater exposure to the exciting ventures that Vietnam offers along the way.

Our Curriculum 

We offer a wide range of English-taught subjects from Economics, Marketing, Business, Accounting, Finance to Law and Tourism. Our program consists of academic sessions and workshops from experts in their field, giving the students the opportunities to learn from the best of both worlds. Explore the choices that fit your interest and passion right here at UEH:

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us!

Our Program offers a wide varity of subject choices, all availble upon request, in order to fit with your fields of study and your required courses. We can customize your schedules based on our available offers to meet your specification and timing. Find us here:

  • Office: (+84) 28 7306 1976
  • Address: 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., District 3, Vo Thi Sau Ward, HCMC
  • Email: rdge@ueh.edu.vn