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100 Research Fellows
Explore UEH wide and diverse international research network and their mission to spread the spirit of international publications in hopes to connect internal/external resources and enhance knowledge sharing to develop positive and sustainable quality scientific research activities. This scheme is for outstanding scientists who are in the early stages of their research career and have the potential to become leaders in their field. These long term fellowships provide the opportunity and freedom to build an independent research career in Vietnam and pursue cutting-edge scientific research.
Research Fellowships are open to experienced researchers, particularly those who are or have been prevented by routine duties from completing a programme of original research. Research Fellowships are open to individuals who wish to undertake a piece of original research. Where more than one researcher wishes to seek funds for the same project, each person should submit a separate application and clearly demonstrate what his or her specific contribution to the project will be. 
Our Research Fellowship offers you:
  • The opportunity to build an independent research career
  • The freedom, time and long term flexible support to pursue high-quality and innovative lines of scientific research
  • The support to develop as a research leader by offering tailored, high-quality professional development, networking and engagement opportunities
  • The flexibility to accommodate personal circumstances such as caring responsibilities or health related needs
  • Highly flexible to accommodate for part-time working, sabbaticals and secondments. 

Reach out to us at here to inquire on how you can join our research.