UEH Mekong Delta At Glance

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Plan a trip

Life in the Mekong Delta largely revolves around water, from the famous floating markets to the vast agricultural industries, and is easily accessible through many means of transporation, including motorbike, car or even plane rides. So get out your map and be ready for a 2.5-hour, or a 120-kilometer southbound ride from Saigon, through many picturesque places and scenic backroads before reaching the infamous UEH Vinh Long Branch. From there, avid travelers can continue on to Chau Doc, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Sa Dec, and more. Though simple, the beauty of each destination and the landscape along the way will make unforgettable memories. 

Go sightseeing by bike

Cycling is one of the most popular, immersive ways to see the Delta. More slowly through the countryside, weaving through miniature walkways, over bridges just wide enough for one person to cross, and through green fields and coconut groves, perhaps stopping in the shade for ice-cold ca phe or tropical fruit.

Unwind on a river cruise

Imagine days and nights drifting wide, tropical waterways, with mangroves and palm trees lining the riverbanks, plus a constant stream of passing villages and colourful boats to catch your eye.

Eat your way around town

The Mekong Delta is home to some of Vietnam's most exotic and mouth-watering dishes. From a hot bowl of hủ tiếu of Sa Dec, or bún các of Chau Doc, to refreshing coconuts from Ben Tre, there's bound to be a unique culinary experience for everyone involved.

Celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity through pagoda visits

Sneak an unfiltered look a life deep at the Mekong delta by paying visits to local temples and pagodas, built and maintained by generations of Cham, Khmer, Kinh (Vietnamese) and Chinese communities. Namely, the Cham worship at a dedicately painted mosques on the islets, and the Khmer and Vietnamese frequent the Buddhist pagodas on the sacred on the sacred hill of Nui Sam