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English learning and test taking - A colloquial sharing

English learning and test taking - A colloquial sharing

English is now a must for everyone in the modern world of international integration; students at UEH, in particular, who will become global citizens in the future. Therefore, language workshop titled "English learning and test taking - A colloquial sharing" was arranged by UEH English Zone, with the goal of assisting UEH students in overcoming challenges and making their English learning process simpler.

When taking an English exam, students must overcome a number of challenges, such as trouble recalling vocabulary, anxiety about using the language incorrectly, … Upon attending the language workshop "English learning and test taking - A colloquial sharing" students will be able to receive effective and efficient strategies as well as get answers to any questions they may have about learning English from Mr. Truong Vinh Duy, a lecturer in the School of Foreign Language at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

Throughout the sharing session, Mr. Duy provided practical advice on how to learn English for lifelong learning as well as experience and guidance for students preparing for competency assessment tests such as the TOEIC and IELTS.

The speakers discuss tips for getting ready for exams.

The key to a more simple and pleasurable English language learning experience is having the right learning strategy, which will make it much easier to remember and apply vocabulary. Specific, vivid usage situations are a more effective way to learn a language than repetitive exercises like reading and rereading, copying or trying to memorize words.

The students exchanged ideas and listened intently.

"When you put a vocabulary into your own real context instead of forcing it into your head, it will become more special and easier to remember," Mr. Duy stated. This is the primary idea behind "contextual learning," one of the three vocabulary-learning techniques the instructor discussed. Contextual learning's main idea is to make information more relatable to the learner's experience.

Mr. Duy shares how to improve vocabulary learning through contextual learning.

Learning a language, and English in particular, takes commitment and repetition; it is not something that can be accomplished quickly. The speaker offered two methods for honing vocabulary use and memorization: spaced repetition and active engagement. To help information stay in long-term memory, spaced repetition involves reviewing content at systematic, increasing intervals (e.g., one hour, one day, three days, etc.). Regarding proactive participation, this approach necessitates that students approach knowledge acquisition and application with a proactive mindset.

The speaker shared the technique of interrupted repetition and active participation.

Apart from discussing strategies for learning English, the speaker also shared positive experiences and advice to help students get ready for well-known English language proficiency exams like the TOEIC, TOEFL, CEFR, and IELTS.

Students candidly discussed their difficulties learning English.

Additionally, the language discussion provides a forum for students to discuss challenges they are facing with their English language learning and receive insightful guidance from the teacher on how to overcome those challenges. There was a brief game to help students practice vocabulary at the conclusion of the discussion.

The goal of the engaging discussion activities is to make students feel more at ease about learning English.

With the May theme, "English learning and test taking - A colloquial sharing," the program clarified strategies to help students learn the language and ace the language exams. Throughout the two hours of the vibrant, educational discussion, every participant actively participated.

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News and photos: UEH Department of Student Affairs