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UEH undergraduate program accreditation ceremony by CPA Australia

UEH undergraduate program accreditation ceremony by CPA Australia

On March 20, 2023, CPA Australia announced the decision of the Scientific Council and awarded the Certificate of Accreditation of the training program according to the standards of the professional association to School of Accounting, College of Business (COB) and School of Public Finance, College of Economics, Law and Government (CELG).

Accrediting the quality of training programs in higher education is one of the key and important mission of UEH University in the 2020-2025 term. This task needs to be carried out regularly and continuously to ensure and improve the training quality of each discipline, keeping the commitment of responsibility to learners, employers, society and according to the Ministry of Education and Training’s regulations. Not only that, the training program accreditation is not only carried out according to the standards of international organizations specializing in accreditation, but it is equally important to refer to the criteria of professional associations because this will be helping learners get closer to the labor market that is increasingly "difficult" as it is today.

On this established internationalization route, UEH has regularly self-assessed and improved its quality to meet the educational accreditation standards of prestigious domestic and international accrediting organizations. In addition, UEH also cooperates with businesses, organizations and professional associations in many related fields to forecast labor needs, build output standards and aim to train students with knowledge, skills to meet industry requirements.

With all the efforts, UEH University was officially honored to receive the Certificate of Accreditation of the Training Program for the Bachelor of Accounting Program and the Bachelor of Tax in Business Program on March 20, 2023 by CPA Australia Executive Director – Mr. Andrew presented. With the certification of professional accreditation standards from CPA Australia, UEH's training programs are considered to be close to, meeting international standards, and the program provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and qualifications suitable for practice in the fields of Business, Finance, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing and can become an associate member of CPA Australia and quickly move straight to the CPA Programme. Becoming a member of CPA Australia will give students many competitive advantages not only in Vietnam, but also in the international market. This certification is a positive comment, a clear demonstration of the high quality standards of the UEH training program in general and of the two faculties in particular, which have recognized internationally.

The accreditation of CPA Australia is a milestone affirming the outstanding progress in quality and internationalization of this accredited training program.

At the ceremony, CPA Australia also respectfully awarded a meaningful scholarship to create favorable conditions for spiritual support and encouragement for UEH lecturers and students to train younger human resource, thereby promoting the development of the academic knowledge network between the two sides.

News, photo: School of Accounting, COB Administration Office